The Professional & Reliable Organization of Communicators Inc.


Welcome to our World!

     The Professional & Reliable Organization of Communicators (PROCOM) Inc. is proud to present to you its awesome web site where you can read and view its activities that are intended for the communities where it serves.

      Its crime prevention tips are for everyone. You can download them  for free. It will serve as your guide and reference in knowing the different modus operandi of criminal elements who are victimizing innocent people.

     PROCOM also act as a monitoring group on all non-criminal activities of unscrupulous elements but are considered threat to the community especially if  it will compromise the people's safety and security.

      They adhere to the PROCOM's Mission and Vision with a total commitment  to  accomplish its task for the benefit of every person in the community! 

       After a long years of rest, PROCOM once again rises to continue its quest for peace in the community to transform them into a crimeless society!

      We are temporarily based at No. 4B Ballecer St., Zone 2, Signal Village, Taguig City. Tel. (02) 974-3364. Mobile: 09194708873; 09223576662; 09169242280 email address:;;

Our Vision

 PROCOM is envisioned to have a community that will be free from crime and violence and a new generation of peace loving people who will adhere to a lifestyle of comfort and convenience and in financial abundance within the next years. An object that aims to make our country rise and become one of the economic giants.

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The Executive Officers
























The Executive Committees

Admission & Retention Committee
Romeo San Jose
Pablo Roco
Philip Paltado
Membership & Attendance Committee
Amelia Tabuloy
Reynaldo Ragucos
Ernesto Angeles
Property Custodian & Office Pers Committee
Erick Basilan
Ronel LandritoMargie Samson
Physical Arrangement & Protocol Committee
Erwin Oliveros
Teodulfo RejanoShiela Fortes
Program & Invitation Committee
Arturo Olimba
Danilo BelesarioEmma Tatoy
Fellowship & Sports Committee
Reynaldo Perez
Tirso Del MonteMaritess Basas
Promotion & Awards Committee
Remigio Ilang-ilang
Mark MoranGemma Dancel
Radio Communication Committee
Jonathan Uy
Niel BunyiMaria Fe abad
Health Committee
Rosie Lazardo
Marlon SamsonJanice Ines
Youth Development Committee
Jonathan Uy
Victor Del MonteMarlyn Tuyo
Motorist Assistance Committee
William Padlan
Ed Espiritu Santo
Sam Bojador
Calamities & Other Emergency Committee
Andy Arandia
Buddy Logronio
Jess Manuel
Special Operations Committee
Ronel Landrito
Jayson Reyes
Christian Sales
Crime Prevention Committee
Danilo Belesario
Joe Orolfo
Nestor Borja
Ways & Means Committee
Shiela Fortes
Rod Fernandez
Jim Garcia
Election Committee
Remy Base
Christian Gotardo
Marlon Cauan
Convention Committee
Margie Samson
Jay Cruz
Odette Cruz

March is Fire Prevention Month

The so-called the "Month of Fires" is fast approaching.  Once again let us all be vigilant in our respective areas of responsibility so that we can help the community by way of information drives on fire prevention.

Here are some useful information on how to prevent fires that will serve as home and life-saving tips to everyone:

  • Put phone numbers of your nearest fire department near your phone.
  • Eliminate fire hazards through good housekeeping: dispose waste paper, rubbish and other flammable materials regularly.
  • Keep matches out of children’s reach.
  • Oil or gas lamps and candles should be placed away from curtains. Do not light them near windows, fans or where children or pets may topple them. Put out the flame before going to bed.
  • Do not keep flammable materials like gasoline, alcohol and paint inside the house.
  • Regularly check your electrical installations, and have all frayed wirings and electrical fixtures changed or repaired by a licensed electrician.
  • Do not overload electrical circuits by putting additional lights and appliances.
  • Blown fuses should not be replaced with coins, wires or any other metal.
  • Never leave a lighted cigarette/cigar/pipe unattended. This may fall on flammable materials.
  • Keep a first-aid kit handy.

"An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure!"

Our Mother Organization and other Allies

3Ts for PROCOM Applicants

     PROCOM is presently recruiting members who are interested to join the organization. The criteria is,  each applicant member must possess the 3 "Ts" in order for him to qualify as member. The "T" stands for TIME, he must devote his time in attending the activities of the organization; TALENT, at least he is intelligent enough to adopt the system in the organization so that he is always on the right side;and a little TREASURE, to support his personal needs and other financial requirements. What are you waiting for? Welcome to the club! 

The PROCOM APPLE Challenge to New Recruits

      Once you join the organization they will give you an APPLE by which it will serve as a token of appreciation and at the same time, your reference in DOING your task as a member of PROCOM:

“A” is for “Attendance”. You are obliged to attend all meetings or conferences as scheduled or called by your Commander. Be sure that you are on time. Don’t be late.

Other “P” is for “Participation”. You have to participate in all simple and grand activities of the organization. Your performance will be rated.

“P” is for “Payment”. Pay your dues that is required by the organization. P200 for the annual membership fee (Inclusive of your official identification card),  P200 for your annual insurance plan and P100 miscellaneous fee.

“L” if for “Learning”. You need to learn everything under the sun. Learning is a continued process. You will never become an expert in this undertakings if you will not learn the art. The organization had prepared seminars for you so that you will have an  advancement in the organization. Take it and learn everything about PROCOM, your constituents and your community.

“E” is for “Enjoyment”. You must enjoy anything and everything you do within the organization. You will never appreciate your work in PROCOM if you will not enjoy it. Whenever you perform, accomplish and do your tasks, be sure you love and enjoy doing it.

And “S” is for “Sharing”. What you attended, participated, paid, learned and enjoyed, be sure to share it with your friends, loved ones and your family too. They will recognize you as a true friend of the community where you are working in behalf of the organization. ▲

Crime Prevention Tips

 Our main cause today is to keep you free from risk of being a victim of crimes. These Crime Prevention Tips will surely help and guide you in your day-to day activities. Please double click to read these tips!